Indoor Plant Service - Green With Envy

“Our plants flourish under the care of Felicia Schonborn’s Green with Envy plant service.  She attends to our plants around campus with knowledge, skill, and love. She has an eye for beauty and is able to enhance a space with thriving plants.. It is a pleasure to work with her.” ~ Cathy Coleman, Institute of Noetic Sciences  

Helping people and plants grow, bloom, and breathe since 1983.

Plants are smart business.


An office decorated with natural plants is attractive, inviting and professional. It’s also more successful.  Plants provide cleaner air, better energy and increased productivity.

Green with Envy, an interior plant services company, has known about the positive power of plants for over 25 years. Since 1983 we’ve helped dozens of businesses flourish and thrive.


Green with Envy provides:
            •            Design consultation & installation
            •            Sale or lease of plants & containers
            •            Scheduled maintenance
            •            Free plant replacement
            •            Holiday decorating
            •            Services for both commercial & residential
            •            Excellent customer service


Servicing San Rafael, Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco California


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