A Flourishing Business

Interior Plant Care form Green With Envy Plant ServicesGreen with Envy has been helping businesses become healthier and happier since 1983. What started as a small plant service in San Francisco has grown into a successful Bay Area business that continues to expand.

Owner Felicia Schonborn has personally overseen the installation of plants at numerous office buildings and homes, as well as Designer Showcase Homes.

Through her affiliation with the Association Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA), Felicia helped the Bancroft Whitney’s sick building syndrome with a specially designed, installed, and maintained planting.


Plants help with Sick Building Syndrome
Felicia, through her association with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA), working with the data from the study was able to help the Bancroft Whitney's Sick building syndrome with a specially designed, installed and maintained planting.
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