Seeds for Success

Let Green With Envy bring living, breathing plants to your workplace and you’ll cultivate
an environment that’s healthier and more successful.

Plants Help Retain Employees
and Tenants

An Oxford Brookes University study reports that interior plants cause office building tenants and employees to think of their places of work as more upscale. This translates into an inexpensive way to improve tenant and employee retention.

Office Plant Service with Green With Envy Interior Plant Services

Increased occupancy and tenant retention.
Offices with professionally maintained plants look more prosperous and established. Tenants are more likely to be attracted to -- and remain in
-- an office with an upscale appearance.

Professional and polished.
Healthy plants add a finishing touch and radiate success. They present a favorable impression to visiting clients and vendors. They also translate
to a feeling of appreciation and respect towards employees.

Cleaner air. 
Plants reduce levels of carbon dioxide, airborne dust and unwanted interior pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen dioxide.  Plants also increase relative humidity and provide cooler air. 

Fewer sick days.
Studies have shown that office plants can actually help reduce the number of employee sick days. 

Increased productivity.
Studies prove that productivity increases by as much as 15% when plants - particularly plants with flowers --  co-exist with employees.

Decreased irritation.            
Plants serve as natural sound absorbers by diffusing  and reflecting sound, particularly high sound frequencies that can be highly annoying and distracting. Indoor Plant Maintenance by Green with Envy Interior Plant Service

Positive energy flow.
Placing plants in the office helps connect to the outdoors. According to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, plants help create a positive Chi flow, especially in corners and neglected spaces.

Plants Promote Innovation & Ideas
A recent scientific study conducted at Texas A&M University proved that workers' idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills improve by up to 15% in workplace environments that include plants.




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