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Your Summer Travels

Summer Travels Plant Care with Green With Envy Interior Plant ServicesWhat do you do with your indoor plants when you want to go away?
It all depends on how long you are traveling.

It is important NOT to overwater or put outside before you leave. If your travels are from one week to 10 days and you water them weekly you should water as usual. You can cluster your plants together add pebbles or stones to their saucers and fill the saucers with water (not sitting the plants in water). As the water evaporates it reduces the need for the plants to use the soil moisture.

When your travels are longer then 10 days Green With Envy can come weekly or more often to care for all your container plants inside and outside. Protect your investment with the professionals. Call 415 290 6260 today.

While your at the beach house,
we can be at your house caring for your plants .


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